NewGlobe assists transformation of Edo State primary school system

Godwin Obaseki is the Governor of Edo State in Nigeria. In this Financial Times article, Governor Obaseki describes the launch of the Edo Basic Education Sector Transformation three years ago in an effort to transform the state’s entire education system. 

NewGlobe were the technical partners on the project, which aimed to standardise learning outcomes to all primary schools by supporting teachers to focus on their pupils. Governor Obaseki points out: “The reform could not be gradual – it had to be fast and radical. Luckily, we could point to early signs of progress, which helped win support for the transformation among teachers and parents.” 

Since its launch, the programme has impacted more than 250,000 children across 800+ public primary schools and has become: “a model for educational transformation which is being studied by other Nigerian states and African countries.”

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